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Leading People to Cultivate Joy Through Transformative Connection 

A Movement of Wholehearted Connection

God is not disconnected from our personal and collective experiences of suffering, injustice, and pain. God sees the disconnection and the damage. He understands your ache over the way things are. Your grieving is a prayer—an inner yearning for God's heart to be revealed.


In every situation and context, God is speaking a better word. God is writing a better story. We help you connect with God and become the new narrative you long to see in the world.  

Here you'll find teachings, guided prayer resources, and experiences geared towards helping you: 

  • Create space to be with God, hear His voice, and engage scripture in a fresh way

  • Build capacity to be present to your own pain and the pain of others

  • Transform the way you think about yourself and others

  • Birth creative expressions of God's heart: building and repairing what's been broken

  • Recover the value of "we" and unlock the relational benefits of staying connected


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Hear Our Heart

Our heart is to help you walk in the relational intent of God.

When you do, unlocked is the experience of healing, restorative justice, and shalom. 






Video Teachings


Equipping individuals & communities with resources and experiences to practice connection daily.


Decision Making Guide

Are you often paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice?  If so, this guide is for you! A simple pathway for getting still, exploring your emotions,  thought dumping, & hearing wisdom from God.


Group Sessions

An interactive space for your community to uncover the value and strength of “we” through prayer, guided dialogue, and biblical teaching. Experience sincere unity, mutual trust, and renewed hope as you practice connection.


1:1 Sessions

Create space to be with God. Our 1:1 sessions help you process emotions and consider your thoughts from the position of live-giving connection with God.  You'll walk away feeling seen and empowered.

Discover more tools for guided prayer, dialogue, and reflection

Pray on MLK | Dinner & Dialogue


August 28, 2022

Together we stand to express our legitimate discontent with the racial injustice, poverty, and division still present in our cities. With a one-word silent prayer, we will intercede for the sweltering heat of bitterness, hatred, and inequity to be transformed into a spiritual, cultural, and economic oasis. We'll then gather for dinner & dialogue.

Our heart is to help you return to the relational intent of God.

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