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Building What Will Outlast Us

By investing in the lives of people and communities

Image by Hans Isaacson

"Jesus, what are you building?"

...I prayerfully asked the Lord, "because I don't want to labor where you're not already at work."


In a rare moment in 2020, I found myself at the steps of the Supreme Court building, alone. I stood under its giant pillars, marveling at the skillful work and mastery it took to build something of this greatness. The Supreme Court Building has been in existence for nearly 100 years, yet as structurally sound and sturdy as it looks, one day even it will crumble.


This prompted me to ask, "Lord, what can be built that will last?" I listened for His answer and heard His wisdom, "What you build up in people."


Returning To Joy is committed to work that will outlast us. Our goal is not to see fruit that sprouts up quickly today, but to plant fruit that will continue to grow in people over time, impacting generations to come.

-Gabrielle Michelle Leonard, Founder & Director

Supreme Court

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By investing in the lives of people, teams and communities

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