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Cultivate Joy Coaching

with Gabrielle Leonard

Gabrielle Leonard

What Are Cultivate Joy Sessions?

Cultivate Joy sessions provide a space where Jesus' presence can nourish and transform you. In a world full of pain, uncertainty, confusion, and chaos, these sessions provide a refuge—where you can attune to God's voice, word, and presence.

Through practical tools and exercises, each session equips you to navigate life and your calling with God-given clarity, focus, and resilience.

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Who Benefits from Cultivate Joy Sessions:

  • Leaders, pioneers, activists, caregivers, or anyone facing personal or communal challenges.

  • If you struggle to sense God’s presence, connect with scripture or hear God’s voice.

  • If you need practical tools and guidance to process your thoughts, emotions, and decisions.

  • If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, discouraged, or weary, especially during transitions or changes.

Navigate Chaos. Live with Hope. Cultivate Joy. 

Cultivate Joy sessions are a space for you to experience life-giving connection with God, recover from pain and disappointment, and be unleashed to live whole with confidence in your identity and calling.

“Gabrielle has a God-given ability to ask questions that penetrate the heart. Her questions have brought healing to my scars and meaning to my story."

Dawn Overman, Teacher

Schedule your Cultivate Joy Coaching session and start moving forward with hope and vision to cultivate joy. 

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