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Cultivate Joy


Are you feeling stuck? Do you need help discerning God's voice and purpose for your life? Do you want tools for processing your thoughts and emotions? Are you ready to walk with renewed hope, trust, and perspective?


If so, let me come alongside you. Every session is uniquely crafted and responsive to your leadership development and spiritual formation needs.

Interested in Cultivate Joy sessions? Let's talk!

Cultivate Joy sessions are a space for you to experience life-giving connection with God, recover from pain and disappointment, and be unleashed to live whole with confidence in your identity and calling.

Are Saying.

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“Gabrielle has a God-given ability to ask questions that penetrate the heart. Her questions have brought healing to my scars and meaning to my story."


Dawn Overman

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“This session with Gabrielle started my intimate relationship with Christ. A relationship that's literally transforming my life and my entire being."


Shantel White
Registered Nurse

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“When I left my time of dialoguing with God, the peace I found was one of the most refreshing breaths of fresh air I have ever taken."


Justine Charbonnet
Law & Business Student

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“I'm no longer afraid to go to the Lord with hard things.”


Chandler Merrit
Director of Finance & Administration

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