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Decision Making with God

How to Make Decisions With God.

Are you having trouble making a decision? Maybe you're afraid you'll get it wrong or miss out if you don't make the 'right' decision. You are not alone. Our Decision Making with God guide walks you through an effective process for transitioning from confusion to clarity and peace, giving you the ability to make confident and clear decisions.

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Learn How to Make Decisions with God.
Get Your Guide.

Get a practical process that will help you move in confidence, clarity, and trust with God.

What Makes This Guide Unique?

Rooted in Presence

Opportunities to practice pausing in God's presence. Moving the truth that Jesus is with you from your head to your heart. 

Personalized Reflection

Use the T-chart method to weigh your reasons for and against your decisions, allowing God to reveal your real intentions and desires.

Scripturally Saturated

Scriptures are interwoven throughout, encouraging you to listen for His voice in the sacred text.

Fearless Inquiry

Let Jesus help you face your fears. Ask the difficult questions and listen for the Spirit's whisper, which will guide you to a place of wisdom and courage.

Peaceful Resolution

End with a heart that is aligned with God's will, trusting in His faithful leadership no matter where your decision leads.

What You'll Gain

Hear God amidst Chaos: Learn to recognize God's voice even when life's demands and inner conflicts become overwhelming. You'll know how to be led by the Holy Spirit in decision-making.

Confident Decision-Making: Discover a Christian decision-making process that aligns your heart's desires with God's will, giving you the courage and peace to make wise choices.

Strengthened Trust: This guide is your practical companion in prayer for discernment, designed to assist you in seeking and understanding God's will for your life.

It's time to silence those fears.

Move from confusion to discernment in those decisions that come up in your journey.

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