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Seated in Heavenly Places

Are you longing for a connection with God that not only comforts but liberates?

This experience is designed to lead you into your place of safety, providing refuge from the pervasive chaos, brokenness, and pressures that dominate our world. In this journey you'll recognize your elevated position in Christ—a position of authority and power.

Why This Guide is Essential

Rooted in Scripture

Experience and embody Scripture in a way that is true and full of hope.

Space for Reflection

We'll guide you through a journey of experiencing your surroundings and reflecting on what is being processed.

Envision and Be Empowered

Our reflection on Ephesians 2 inspires us to believe in Christ's power within us and consider how we might live into it going forward.

Gabrielle Leonard and colleagues

Embark on the journey and be empowered.

A holistic, fully embodied approach to engaging scripture and being empowered in Christ.

We hope this resource is a blessing to you!

What You'll Gain

Discover Your Place of Refuge: Realize your shared inheritance in Christ, and let it encourage your heart, as well as transform your thinking.

Expand Your Spiritual Perception: Inviting Jesus to amplify your experience of your place of refuge -  God’s Word is true and alive, and can be sensed in ways that go beyond mere intellectual understanding.

A Vision & Sense of Commitment: Decide on specific steps to bring the peace and authority of your heavenly position into your physical circumstances.

May your soul finds comfort in your place of refuge, and would Jesus continue to intensify your experience in your heavenly place.

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