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Created and curated resources to help you live from wholehearted connection

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Prayerful Process for Decision Making with God

Do you dread making decisions? Are you often paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice?  If so, this guide is for you! A simple pathway for getting still, exploring your emotions,  thought dumping, & hearing wisdom from God.


Pray on MLK Guide

Our Pray on MLK Guide will take you through the present journey necessary to become a bridge in places of economic inequity.


Decision Making with God

A simple pathway for getting still, exploring your emotions, thought dumping, & listening to Jesus.


Grieving with God

Recover hope as you experience the compassionate response of God towards your pain.


"I desire God to be an integral part of every aspect of my life, but I unintentionally built walls that inhibited Jesus from accessing places where I needed Him most.


Returning to Joy's guided prayer exercise helped pinpoint areas in my heart that were previously prohibited from the Lord, whether due to fear, rejection, or unaddressed woundedness. "

Justine Charbonnet, Law Student, Tulane University


Show Up & Weep


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