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A prayerfully crafted space for you to...

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How would my community benefit from a Cultivate Joy group session? 

Showing up present with one another is a learned practice. We aren't hard-wired to be authentic, vulnerable, compassionate, or perceptive of the whole body. We tend to hide, shame, accuse, and self-justify. But groups that intentionally practice being with one another have a greater capacity for meaningful relationships. They are resilient. They have the strength to navigate relational tensions that pull against collaborative work and a joy-filled community.


Our Cultivate Joy group sessions create an interactive space for your community to uncover the value and strength of “we” through prayer, guided dialogue, and biblical teaching. With one another, you'll experience sincere unity, mutual trust, and renewed hope as you practice connection. 

An interactive space to practice showing up together. We'll help you navigate relational tensions, strengthen relational capacity, and increase sincere unity and mutual trust through listening prayer tools and guided dialogue. 


The practice of listening in prayer together unlocked creativity and safety for vulnerability

Nicole Poolman, Vice President of Mobilization
Civil Righteousness

Are you a trusted friend? A leader of a ministry team?
A community organizer? 

We want to come alongside you to host an environment where relationships are strengthened, meaningful conversations are had, and understanding is increased.

If your team seems disjointed and disheartened, your familial relationships feel out of sync, or you desire to strengthen your relational connection to Christ and one another, invite us in for a Cultivate Joy Group session.

Transform relationships through a Jesus-centered interactive time of fellowship and communion. 

Cultivate Joy group sessions are responsive to the contextualized needs of the group. Schedule a 15-minute call with Gabrielle to explore what would best suite your group! 

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